So, Monday I talked to a guy on the radio about wearing face masks in public. He said that if a business required customers to wear a face mask to enter a store he would refuse, I replied with “you should stay home” he didn’t like what I said and called me an idiot. I can say that I am one healthy idiot then.

Face masks are a part of the new normal, the new normal-that’s a whole new post that I’ll tackle later this week. Face masks are now becoming a fashion accessory, with designers like Burberry and Gucci selling logos on them for hundreds of dollars. That’s one route you can go down, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a designer brand or a homemade mask or what I chose today.

On my way to the radio station this morning I heard a commercial from one of our clients Stacy’s Uniforms on Coulter. Their ad said they had three ply face masks for a dollar each, so I cancelled my online order for a designer mask that would cost $120.00 and headed to Stacy’s because their ad said there was a limited supply.


When I arrived, the door was opened for me by one of the many masked employees that were on duty. I bought a box of fifty masks. When I was in the store the cashier disinfected the credit card reader and handed me a plastic wrapped red pen to sign the receipt. She said keep the pen.



Whether you buy a designer mask, make your own mask from a bra or do what I did, the bottom line is protect yourself and respect others around you. Wear a mask. The coronavirus pandemic is no where even close to coming to an end and Amarillo is not close to it's peak. With businesses opening their doors, it is more important now to take action to protect yourself and those around you. Not wearing a mask in public should not be an option. I wear one to protect you and me. I’d appreciate if you did as well, if not for me but for those who love you.