I don't like being the bearer of bad news, nor do I appreciate this little "joke" somebody is trying to pull.  Angel Dee got a call from a listener saying there is a credit card scam going around, and it the person is trying to use the recently ended Dash 4 Kash contest to fool people!  Know the facts!  We are NOT doing this!

The listener said that a call came in from a private number, and the person on the other end opens up by congratulating you for being a winner in Dash 4 Kash.  They will then ask you to confirm who you are, and ask for a credit card number.

We will never, I repeat, NEVER, ask for a credit card number in any contest at all!

I have no idea who is doing this malicious act, but I hope they know that karma has a cold hard hand and she will slap the crap out of them!


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