In today's society people love and care for their pets just like kids. And it isn't unusual to see animals wearing sweaters or even tutus.  Do you dress your pet up for Halloween?

This past weekend I took my son costume shopping.  We saw a ton of adorable costumes, but most of the cute ones were for dogs.  I really wasn't that shocked.  Most pet owners consider their animals their children.

I have never owned an animal, but I don't think that I'd buy costumes for them.  They are just as expensive as human costumes and my thoughts are do dogs really enjoy this?

When I think of putting a costume on a dog I think about them overheating.  Dogs have a natural coat of fur, so putting more stuff on them would just make them hot and

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images


But obviously I am not a pet owner so I don't know.  There is a demand for it, since the pet costume aisle is bigger than the kid costume aisle.  So I'm asking you, do you plan on dressing up your pet for Halloween?

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