Boo Ball is only a few weeks away. This year needs to be special. After coming up with a very specific plan for a costume, the search was underway for the perfect costume in Amarillo.

There are a lot of places in town to find costumes. The two big ones are Halloween City in Wolflin Village, and Spirit Halloween on Soncy where Toys R' Us used to be.

The search started at Halloween City. The selection is a bit limited. If you're just wanting to make a quick trip to get a costume, Halloween City would be a good choice.

If you're looking for something specific or truly unique, you might have a difficult time finding it at Halloween City. My search there came up empty, even when searching for accessories for my costume once I had it picked out.

There is an "okay" selection of decorations. Again, perfect for a quick trip to pick up a few things.

Spirit on Soncy was a completely different story. I felt like a creepy kid in a candy store.

Spirit had the best selection by far. My rather "unique" costume was easy to put together, and it wasn't that expensive. I spent more time looking at all of the decorations and debating on whether or not I needed to buy a ouija board than I did looking for a costume.

Wal-Mart and Target both had an underwhelming selection of items, which was somewhat surprising.

If you're needing something specific and a little out of the ordinary, I would pick Spirit.

Oh, and be sure you don't miss out on the Boo Ball this year. It's going to be one to remember. Trust me.

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