Amarillo is home to some amazing burgers. Nothing, though, is quite like the massive burgers there were bigger than most pizzas.

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Arnold's In Amarillo

Texas Country Reporter, YouTube

On a recent dig through Amarillo history, and YouTube, I came across this video about Arnold's Burgers. Unfortunately, I never got to try one of these behemoths. I have a feeling, this would have been my favorite restaurant in town.

The Burgers Were Amazing

Texas Country Reporter, YouTube

At least, that's what every review I've read says. Watching the video, I became obsessed. These burgers were smashed on the griddle and prepped just how they should be. They look delicious, and it's exactly how I make my burgers at home.

But it wasn't just any old burger on the menu that made them infamous.

Burgers Bigger Than Your Face and Your Friend's Face Combined

Texas Country Reporter, YouTube

I call them "novelty burgers." These are the burgers on the menu that go beyond meat, bread, and cheese. They're usually really big, and stacked with all kinds of extras.

Arnold's put every other burger to shame with theirs. The burgers there would reach sizes up to 24 inches.

The average size of an extra large pizza is only 18 inches. Think about entire burger bigger than most extra large pizzas. I'm weeping.

The Unfortunate End

Texas Country Reporter, YouTube

Unfortunately, you and I won't be able to enjoy one of these massive burgers. Arnold's is no longer open.

There is a bright spot though. Supposedly, there's a food truck being operated by some of the family members and they use the family's recipes. That food truck is Tank's Burgers.

Here's the video looking back at Arnold's in Amarillo.

Guess I'll have to give Tank's a try.

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