There is nothing like watching a movie on a big theater screen, and of course you got to have the snacks.  But with the high concession prices, have you ever (secretly)  just brought your own?

I have known many people that have hid candy and other snacks in their purse or pockets, but when is it crossing the line?  The other day I went to the theater and a couple rows in front of me this couple start pulling food out of a bag.  Not snacks, but burgers and fries.

I'm not going to lie, it smelled wonderful.  I, however, would be too scared to sneak a whole meal in.  But it got me thinking, how many people do this?  I mean is it crossing a line?

Movie theaters have concession stands and usually sell individual pizzas, hot dogs and nachos.  Now I know it isn't a cheeseburger, but it is something.   And since when is popcorn not enough?  That is my favorite thing about going to the movies.

So how often does this happen?  I don't know, but it sure is funny.  What kind of stuff have you brought into a movie theater?  And have you ever been caught?  Please share your thoughts.

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