Yup it's round 2 in our 4th annual Dash 4 Kash on 96.9 KISS-FM!  And our sponsors, Groovy Pop Gourmet Popcorn, have got you another bonus clue, and it's a PICTURE BONUS CLUE to boot!  Trust me, you WANT this clue!  Heck, you NEED THIS CLUE!  It's a picture of EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR! :)

So here's the deal, since Groovy Pop gave us all this money to give you, we just want you to show your appreciation for them making this our BIGGEST Dash 4 Kash ever!  And all that takes is a quick "like" on their Facebook page!

Plus, to get this picture bonus clue, we're setting a goal of 2,100 likes!  You have until 12m this Thursday, May 23rd, 2013, to get them up to 2,100 likes!  So tell all your friends, all your family members, everyone you know, that you need this picture bonus clue so they need to like Groovy Pop on Facebook so you can get it!

I know you can make this happen!  Right now, they're just over 1,760 likes, so that's only about 340 likes needed to get this picture bonus clue!

You know what to do!  Spread the word, take a second and go like Groovy Pop on Facebook!  Again, the goal is 2,100 likes by 12m this Thursday, May 23rd!

You wanna win in Dash 4 Kash right?  Spread the word!

And make sure you pay them a visit and try some AMAZING popcorn flavors, and it's so much more than just popcorn!  Old school candies you can't find anymore, Jones sodas!  WOW!  They're located at 34th & Bell in the Village Shopping Center.

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