Okay so over the weekend I was at one of the fine grocery stores in Amarillo and as I was checking out I saw a sight that dropped my jaw.  What I saw was, in my head, food stamp abuse at it's finest and it just got me thinking.  Do too many people abuse the welfare system?

As I stood there in line with a shopping cart full of generic foods, I watched a person with a Lonestar Card buy nothing but the best!

I'm sitting here thinking to myself, "I'm buying generic canned vegetables, bags of cereal, generic milk, bread..pretty much everything.  I'm spending an arm and a leg on produce, just so I can try and eat healthy, and look what this person is buying on food stamps!"

I seriously watched a person buy rib-eye steaks, brisket, Lucky Charms, Oreos, stuff I could only dream of stuffing in my basket because I simply can't afford it!

As they were being rang up I knew it was going to be quite a bill, but to watch them buy it with a Lonestar Card just flipped my lid!

Why am I working my ass off and buying cheap crap that just fills me up and gets me by for a few hours, while this person, who's food all tax payers are technically paying for, gets to feast on the finest of foods?

Now when I see a single mother, buying formula for a baby, milk & cheese and stuff like that on welfare be it Lonestar or WIC, I don't think twice about it. Yes, she needs the help!  I'm more than happy to see my tax dollars put to use in such a beautiful manner!  Seeing a bouncing, smiling baby who is making it because we all pitch in a little.

But to see a person flat out abuse the welfare system just pisses me to the off!

I don't know a lot about how the system works, but I know enough to know that it's obviously cheated pretty easily and I could pull it off if I wanted.

For example, say my wife and I suddenly got the good news that we are having a baby (hypothetical).  We could simply divorce, I could pretend to be some dead beat dad that doesn't pay child support, and she could easily get approval for welfare.

Just giving an example here, not giving you ideas folks!  That is an example of welfare fraud at it's finest so don't go trying it!  Bad news!

Anyways, I think welfare abuse is wrong and something has to be done to help weed out the people that don't need it.

Well I think you should.

But that's beside the point, the point is, welfare abuse is happening right in front of our faces!

Let's just see how many people have witnessed welfare abuse first hand.