The shutdown has been going on since December of last year. Millions of families have been affected. Those of us who didn't really notice a change in previous shutdowns are starting to feel this one.

News reports circulated that SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits for February would be issued earlier as the U.S. Department of Agriculture scrambled to get everything done that they could. The office has stated they aren't sure what will happen if the shutdown goes into February.

This is because, as one report states, that the department doesn't have authorization to issue benefits for the month of March. If you received benefits for February, you are urged to space out your purchases instead of buying in bulk.

This affects more than just the families receiving the benefits. It also affects the business where they use those benefits.

Other reports focus on Texans receiving housing assistance.

Some reports point to a strain being placed on TSA agents, border agents, and on the immigration process. Some report that hearings, and the process as a whole, have come to a halt.

While we are all familiar with the larger impacts, there are some things being affected that the majority of us don't even think about.

Like the bookstore or custodial workers at the Big Bend National Park. Just check out the announcements on their Facebook page.

This morning a press release was issued from the Bureau of Land Management. Due to the government shutdown, they are having to cancel meetings in the area.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is announcing the postponement of several upcoming public meetings concerning the BLM’s Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas (OKT) Draft Joint Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), BLM Resource Management Plan (RMP), and BIA Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRMP).. Due to the government shutdown, public meetings scheduled for Jan. 22-25 in Amarillo, Arlington, and Corpus Christi, TX will be postponed.  Meetings scheduled for the following week will proceed if the shutdown ends.

When you go to the Bureau of Land Management website, a banner across the top of the page states that should there be a "lapse in appropriations, the Bureau of Land Management will be closed."

Credit: Charlie Hardin
Credit: Charlie Hardin

It is beyond time for both sides to come together in the House and in the Senate, as well as in the White House, to come to a compromise and get this train a-rolling. No one should have to go without just for the sake of someone's political career come 2020.

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