My cupboards are cramped with Ramen noodles and I'm tired of the plain ol' Ramen's. I've tried ketchup,soy sauce, tobasco sauce and just about everything in between. Now I want some new ideas of what can I put in my Ramen's.

If your in college you know Ramen's are the way to go, but now lets spice it up.

If you have any ideas please send me some new ways to prepare Ramen's and I'll try it out. I eat Ramen's atleast 4 times a week, but really wanna try something new with them.

So, let the comments rain down and I will take your suggestions to my cupboards.

It's the closest thing to Pho if you love Ramen's you have to try Pho!

Here's a list of the top 5 things I like In my ramen noodles

1. Tobasco Sauce

2. Chile

3. Garlic & Parmesan

4. Hot Dogs

5. Velveeta

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