If you are missing something on your desk. It might not be an accident. Someone might have it out for you.

A survey recently showed that 44% of people say that they got revenge on a coworker for something they did.

These are some of the things they said they did.

1. They would make sure that their co-worker gets the worst task.

2. Spread horrible rumors about them.

3. Hide their stuff so they would become frustrated.

4. Deleted things from their computer

5. Sabotaged their work so they look bad to the boss.

6.Mess with the computer so they take longer to get things done.

7. This is just wrong. Eat their lunch. Now they have to finished the day hungry.

8. Taking personal info from their co-workers social media and using it against them.

9. . Simply get them fired!

Have you ever wanted to get revenge on a co-worker? What did you do to them? Tell in the comment section if you dare.

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