Summer months are over, but during the past the City of Amarillo wanted the residents to watch how much water we use. Whether is was while we were watering the grass during evening hours, showering, or even how long we wash our hands, the city wanted to make sure we were conserving.

Commercial users had used the most water to run their plants, business or hospitals.  NorthWest Texas Hospital WTH used about 46 million gallons of water to run the hospital for their patients, nurses, and doctors.

Also, the TDCJ Clements and Neal units which used more like 396 gallons back in 2011 to provide for the inmates. Then there is the Tyson meat plant with the use of 1.7 billion gallons of water! Now to me, that is a lot of water, but it is understandable for business.

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Moving on to the most water use by a resident. A guy name Steve from Amarillo. He used around 1.39 million gallons of water last year. That is too much water for a family.

Mr. Stanley Marsh had used over 5 million gallons of water for his property over the years. This tells you that there are people out there that use more water than others, but then expect the rest of us to save water. Commercial use is ok, but when residents use millions of gallons water, something needs to change to keep our water rates down for the city!

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