If something terrible was going to happen at your kid's school such as the shooting in Parkland, FL. What would the school do to keep your child safe?

It is awful to think we can not just drop our kids off at their school and they will be 100% safe. With all of the news stories that happen around the country. It is never a bad thing to make sure you ask a question to secure your child's safety when you are not around.

There were some recent threats made to a few our schools here in Amarillo. The authorities did an amazing job tracking down those behind it and taking care of it.

This made me wonder though. What would my child's school do if they were to get one of these threats? What do they do in case someone did get into the school with a weapon?

I decided that I am going to call my child's school principal. I came up with some questions I wanted to ask. Here's what I am going ask.

1. What steps are taken to make sure that not just anyone can have access to the school and wander the halls?

2. If the school receives any type of threat, what do they do? Are the authorities alerted and how are the parents made aware of the threat?

3. If a shooter was to get into the school. What does the staff do to make sure the children are safe?

Is there a question I didn't think of? Have you contacted your child's school? What did they say? Tell us in the comment section below.


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