Among the list of things we love most in this world, dogs and peanut butter rank toward the top. When the two are combined, it’s impossible not to think we have died and gone to doggy heaven. Think about it: if humans can’t get a grip on avoiding the whole peanut-butter-stuck-on-the-roof-of-our-mouths dilemma, how in the world can we expect a dog to do it? Give a pooch a spoonful of this stuff, and what ensues is straight up entertaining. Check out our favorite web videos of dogs going to town on peanut butter.

Meet Layla, a peanut butter rookie who’s experiencing the nutty goodness for the very first time. She’s a hyper little pup as is, but when she eyes a spoonful of peanut butter, the small furball can’t help but go nuts for the sticky stuff. After Layla attacks the spoon, it’s like she goes about business as usual. The tiny pooch occasionally gives us an adorable puppy head tilt while her tongue goes wild in what we assume is peanut butter excitement overload.

Our next nutty lover is a golden retriever we particularly love. The poor pooch’s extra long tongue just can’t get a grip, revealing a hilarious peanut butter fang smile. Pausing the video and capturing a mid-licking screen shot could easily induce nightmares, but in action, the pup just looks like a sweet little vampire!

Scarlet the Beagle is a very obedient dog, and that makes this video that much more funny. She patiently sits in front of the camera waiting for her peanut butter treat, and even when the mouth-slopping fest begins, Scarlet still stays put. Although, she keeps twisting her head in a sort of “Oh, there we go! Nope, almost got it down that time…” kind of way, and that’s the part where we start belly laughing. We have to hand it to Scarlet — she seems so determined to get that peanut butter off her tongue, and we almost feel bad for cracking up at her. Almost!

Even before the whole peanut butter thing happens in this video, we can’t help but start laughing in the first five seconds. Why? Well, you have to see lovable little Toby for yourself. The pup’s bulging eyes and perky ears are both endearing and hilarious, upping the anticipation for the peanut butter introduction that much more.

This pooch is caught mid-struggle, but aside from the peanut butter smile and uncontrollable tongue action happening, we think this big furball is tackling the challenge quite well! He merely stands in front of the camera, letting his tongue do its spastic thing, and gets on with his doggy day.

We saved our favorite peanut butter-eating pup for last, and we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll love it too. This time around, we have a pug going for a finger covered in pure deliciousness. But what makes this clip the funniest is its slow-motion special effect with extra dramatic background music. Initially, the wide-eyed pug looks absolutely disgusted by the nutty stuff, but as the video progresses, we witness the pooch licking as much as he can off his snout.

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