Getting tattoo's here can really mess up things with your job. Your boss won't like it!

When a few employers were asked where would you not want to see an employee get a tattoo, this is what they said.

1. Your face. Around 76% of bosses say it really hurts your chances of getting a job if you get a tattoo on your face. Unless you work in radio. Then no one will see it.

2. Your neck. Some employers said this could hurt your chances to get a job too. Except if you have it in a place where a shirt can hide it you might be OK.

3. Your hands. Some employers said that having hand tattoos could hurt your chances of getting a job. But like neck tattoos, if you can hide it with gloves, you might be OK. About 6% of employers said it would be OK.

Do you have a tattoo that makes it hard to get a job? Tell us in the comment section below.

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