When was the last time you had a good nights sleep?  Do you toss and turn?  Do you wake up 3 or 4 times a night?   When did you buy your current mattress?

Well for me, I had slept on the same mattress for 14 years and I was getting to where I couldn't sleep and the mattress wasn't comfortable anymore.   Unfortunately there is only so many times you can flip a mattress.  The mattress was done.  What's even worse is my son was sleeping on a mattress older than mine, it was probably over 20 years old.  You know how that goes with family hand me downs.  He was a trooper but I decided it was finally time for new mattresses in the house.

The National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep in America poll  finds that among U.S. adults with excellent sleep health, nearly 90% say they feel very effective at getting things done each day, compared to only 46% of those with poor sleep health. The study also shows that only 10% of American adults prioritize their sleep over other aspects of daily living such as fitness/nutrition, work, social life, and hobbies/personal interests.

Sleep is very important to every other aspect of your life and if you aren't getting enough sleep then you aren't healthy in other aspects.

That's why I knew it was time to get new mattresses and that's why I visited Kings and Queens Mattresses.  I had heard about one of my co-workers talking about getting their new mattress from Kings and Queens and how much he loved it so I thought I'll go check it out and I did and I found my mattress and a new one for my son.

When I walked into Kings and Queens Mattress the staff was extremely friendly and ready and willing to help me find the mattress that would help us sleep sound.   I tried out the fancy moving, vibrating, and massaging bed. I tried out the memory foam beds.  I tried out the regular beds, super soft beds, firm beds and I finally found my new mattress.  I'm kind of like Goldilocks, not to firm, not to soft just right!  Then I found the perfect mattress for my son.  Not only did I find the perfect mattresses I found the perfect bedding for both.

Kings and Queens

Josh and I are sleeping so much better and my son is out like a light when he goes to bed and that's because of our awesome new mattresses.  My mattress buying journey was easy with Kings and Queen Mattress and yours could be as well.

In fact, you can join us this Saturday, June 23rd at Kings and Queens Mattress, 4008 S. Washington, from 10a-2pm!

Kings and Queens is cleaning out for Summer!! Spring cleaning as you can call it.  They are making deals for whats in stock!! They are moving out their inventory getting ready to make room for new stuff, but the deals are waiting for you on the current inventory.  Big Sales for you.  Bring your cash and trucks and you can get ready to take home a new mattress, or you can have it delivered!

Get ready for the excitement when it comes to buying a new mattress!

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