Today (Aug. 9) was sort of a sad day in the celebrity Twitter world. If Whitney Houston was still alive she would have turned 50 today, and stars have been honoring actress Karen Black who died yesterday. It's a pretty dark Friday.

Aaron Paul doesn't want you to forget that 'Breaking Bad' is upon is!

A sad RuPaul informs the world that the 'Sharknado' sequel has a terrible name.

Ryan Lochte's definition of a good night's sleep is different from most people.

We miss Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne's banter.

It's Lady Gaga's dad's birthday. Happy birthday, Grandfather Monster.

Drake only gives his songs good names.

For once, we actually agree with Pete Wentz.

Amanda Seyfried shares how good her dog is at parlor tricks.

Still others remembered Whitney Houston, who would have been 50 today.

And even more stars honored Karen Black, who died yesterday.

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