Drake just became the latest celebrity guest on Tory Lanez's Instagram Live show. During his appearance, he jokingly revealed how he was able to avoid catching the coronavirus after being spotted with the Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant, who recently tested positive for the virus.

On Tuesday (March 31), the 6ix God joined the "Jerry Sprunger" singer's Instagram Live Quarantine Radio show, which Tory kicked off on March 26. There, Drake playfully stated that his secret to steering clear of the coronavirus is drinking wine.

"We know that you were around Kevin Durant when he caught the corona," Tory began in their conversation. "What were you doing to stay corona free at that time?” After letting out a hearty laugh, Drake replied, "Honestly, a glass of wine keeps the 'rona away, boys."

Although Tory and Drizzy were presumably kidding around, there was a time in which it was uncertain whether or not Drake had contracted the virus. On March 21, days after the "Life Is Good" rapper was spotted with Durant, Drake revealed his negative coronavirus test results. He shared the news during an Instagram Live session with his father.

"You know I had to do a test the other day, huh?" the "Mob Ties" rapper said in the clip. After his father, Dennis Graham, asked if the rapper had tested for the coronavirus, Drake responded, "Yeah, I had to get a test, but it came back negative though."

Drizzy went on to explain the process of the test, describing it as "uncomfortable." He added, "They put that Q-tip all the way in your thoughts and shit."

The Toronto native revealed his negative coronavirus test results just days after reports began circulating that he decided to self-quarantine after hanging out with Durant.

Durant and three of his Nets teammates tested positive for the coronavirus.

While Drake's remedy may have been a joke, laughter might be what's needed to get through this pandemic.

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