I'm a pretty gregarious driver.  But there are certain things that get under my skin.  Apparently, I'm not alone.

A new survey by Continental Tires reveals that 68% of drivers say their biggest pet peeve is people, who text and drive. Other findings:

- 44% of people say slow drivers are their biggest pet peeve

- 43% of people get irritated by drivers, who don't use their turn signals

- 14% of people say speeding is their biggest pet peeve

- 48% of people shout at other drivers or honk when they do something that annoys them

I fall into the category of people who are irritated by drivers who don't use their turn signals.  They are there for a reason, people!  Use them!

Another thing that really gets my goat is people that drive too slow in the passing lane on the freeway. UGGH!  If you are going below the speed limit, stay in the right lane.  Big rigs are the worst. A lot of them have governors on their engine that keeps them from going over the speed limit.  When they get in the passing lane, it's hard for them to go around someone.  I hate that!

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