It's August 6, and the celebrities of the world are spending their time on Twitter conversing with one another, posting cute pictures of animals and honoring the late George Duke. Which, all things considered, is a pretty busy day (in 140 characters or less).

Dylan McDermott and Patton Oswalt spent their day flirting with one another.

While Donnie Wahlberg made us uncomfortable.

Chris Brown wants everyone to forget about that time he beat Rihanna.

He should probably listen to Drake Bell's advice.

Warlock Charlie Sheen explained that the only ladies living with him are his daughters.

Pete Wentz probably believes in light sabers and flying cars, too.

John Green and Chris Colfer are really excited about Oprah hugs.

Dear Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, please come save our kitty from a tree!

Joan Rivers continued to take adorably sad photos of her dogs.

And the remainder of the internet remembered master of funk George Duke.

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