Easter is just around the corner so that means I will be busy in the kitchen!  I love making treats for my son and his classmates.  I decided to make some cookie Easter baskets.  They are super simple and look amazing.

It is always fun to get in the kitchen and make treats for my son and his friends.  They get so excited getting a treat, especially one that looks like their Easter basket.

Here are the ingredients:


I like to make it simple so I buy

pre-made cookie dough

A cupcake pan


Candy eggs

candy rope

and melting chocolate or frosting

First, you get the cookie dough and press it into the cupcake pan.  Try to keep it the same with all around so that it makes a nice bowl.  Bake it according to the directions but monitor the time.  Once the cookie bowls are made, make sure you cool them completely.

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

While they are cooling off, you can get your coconut and mix it with some green food color to make it look grass like.  I couldn't find candy rope so I bought these airhead strips and used a cookie cutter to cut them into ropes.

Once the cookie bowls are completely cooled, go ahead and melt your chocolate or get your frosting ready.  Pour some chocolate onto the cookie and top with the green coconut.  You can then put some candy eggs on it and apply the candy rope as the basket handle.

These treats come out looking amazing and they will be a sure hit with the kiddos.  Enjoy!


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