The Amarillo Zoo is Getting Eggcited
You can't have Easter without some amazing animals, and you can't have some amazing animals without the Amarillo Zoo. That's why you need to mark your calendars for the Amarillo Zoo's Easter Egg-citement. Even the animals get in on the Easter fun.
How to Make Your Own Confetti Eggs for Easter
Confetti eggs may be a bit messy but they are absolutely fun to have for Easter.  Kids love them, adults love them because there is something fun about cracking and egg over somebody's head.  What's even better is that they are extremely easy to make.  In fact, check out jus…
VIDEO - Mother Finds Xanax In Plastic Easter Egg
What the heck is this world getting to! So a school out of Michigan is on the hot seat for hosting a Easter egg hunt. A mother found a Xanax pill in her daughters Easter egg from a hunt they had at school. The eggs ere provided by teachers and parents. The...

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