As you count down the hours until payday, consider this: Elton John has so much scratch that he recently requested an entire climate-controlled hotel room solely for his collection of trademark glasses.

The strange request was made of the Ouro Minas hotel in Belo Horizonte, where Elton's specs were kept before his gig in Brazil.

A spokesperson for the show's production company spilled, “Elton John asked for an extra room in the hotel for some of his collection of glasses because he needs a temperature of [60.8 degrees Fahrenheit] to preserve the accessories."

The eccentric singer also requested four bottles of cranberry juice, a pint of skim milk, two bottle of Pinot Grigio (the good stuff), eight bottles of Evian, and five large bottles or 12 small bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water. The rider also called for large vases of red and white roses, cable TV with sports channels and an international phone line.

But out of all that, it was only those last two things the source found odd, because a room for your glasses is totally normal.

At least there was no request for a mannequin with pink pubes. That would have just been weird.

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