I sure hope the accountant who discovered Henry Golding is being showered with luxurious gift baskets by Hollywood’s new favorite leading man. After being distractingly handsome in this summer’s Crazy Rich Asians and starring in Paul Feig’s A Simple Favor, Golding is reuniting with the Bridesmaids director for a new romance opposite the Mother of Dragons.

Universal’s Last Christmas will be a London-set holiday love story between Golding and Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The rest of the plot details remain a mystery, but do you really need more to be sold on a new Feig-directed movie with two leads as charming as Clarke and Golding? Oh, you do? What if I told you Emma Thompson – yes the Emma Thompson, the Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing, the Professor Trelawney, the heartbroken wife to Alan Rickman’s cheating husband of Love Actually – co-wrote the screenplay?

Thompson, who won the Oscar for her Sense and Sensibility screenplay, last penned a script for Bridge Jones’ Baby in 2016. For Last Christmas, she co-wrote the script with London-based performance artist Bryony Kimmings. British people, British accents, a London setting during the holidays; yep I think I already love this movie.

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