Undeniably, Emily Ratajkowski is smoking hot.  The only down fall to Emily is that my wife says we can't "experiment" together.  Whatever, the former teen actress, mainly known for being on iCarly, has figured out what it really takes to make it in Holly-weird, nude photos and sexy modeling, the only thing she's missing is a celebrity sex tape.  And her photo spread in GQ Turkey has got the Internet pervs buzzing and dying to find the photos!

Now of course I have your hook up on the photos, so hang tight.  I first would like to ponder this.  Why GQ Turkey?  For Turks & Giggles?  And when the hell did there become a GQ edition for Turkey magazine?  What am I missing?  And really, who cares!  The Internet has made it so you perverts don't have to spend a ton of cash on overnight shipping for the magazine.


Warning, the following link leads to content that could be deemed NSFW!  We at KXSS-FM intend the content to be for mature audiences only!  And really, the worst you see is her bare booty, which you see on public TV now a days, so make up your own mind.  I just have to legally say that "we do not condone the action of searching the Internet for pornographic material"CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK!


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