Couples learn a lot about each other over the course of a relationship. Most don’t find out that they share a mother. 

According to Glamour, a South African couple got the shock of their life, after discovering they are actually brother and sister. Now it wasn’t like they knew this going into this relationship, so it isn’t totally disgusting. The couple, who wish to remain anonymous (and who could blame them), never even knew each had a sibling. It wasn’t until the first family meeting, to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, that the truth came out. It turns out the couple’s parents separated when they were very young and never stayed in touch. The boy went to live with their father, and the girl, their mother.

We thought it a bit weird it took five years for them to meet each other’s family. Although taking our own in-laws into consideration maybe five years isn’t long enough.To make matters even messier, the couple is expecting their first child. They have chosen to separate, but have not decided how to tell the child when he grows up. That will be the most awkward conversation ever.

“Son, sit down for a second. Your father, mother, uncle and aunt, which is oddly only two people, want to tell you something.”

[Via Glamour]

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