If you have watched sports in the last few weeks then you have probably noticed that some athletes have chosen to kneel during the National Anthem.  The movement is moving from professional sports to high school sports with an entire team and their coaches taking a knee.

In August, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick shocked everyone when he didn't stand during the national anthem.  When asked about it, he said it was to protest the police violence and injustice in black America. He wanted to bring attention to all the unarmed black men that were killed by police this summer.

Since then many other athletes have joined him in the protest.  Some are protesting the same thing while others have their own reasons for kneeling.

So far, we have only seen kneeling in professional sports, but now the trend has made it's way into High School sports.  In Seattle, Garfield High School's football team decided to take a stand against 'social injustices."  The entire team, including the coaches, took a knee when it was time for the National Anthem.

Fox News obtained a statement that Coach Joey Thomas gave to the Seattle Times:

"Everybody wants to talk about how this is disrespectful to the American flag," Garfield coach Joey Thomas said. "That's a smokescreen. How about we talk about the issues people are kneeling and fighting for? If we could start addressing the issues and finding solutions to the issues, we won't have to kneel"

It doesn't seem like the trend will end anytime soon.  If anything more and more people are starting to participate.  We do live in this amazing country where everyone has a right to stand or not to stand, but what do you think about the whole situation?