Have you ever gone to the polls and realized that you don't know anything about half of the positions up for election?

This election is particularly controversial because of the presidential candidates - Donald Trump is the outspoken and dramatic Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton is the experienced but mistrusted Democratic nominee. Their campaigns have drawn enormous amounts of attention, both negative and positive, and people will be showing up to the polls in droves to either vote for their favorite candidate or the lesser of two evils.

However, because of the overwhelming presidential election we're facing, the other names on the ballot have kind of been forgotten.

Just in case you'd like to be prepared when you go to vote this year, here are all of the positions that will be up for election on your ballots.

  • Federal
    • U.S. Representative, District 13
  • State
    • Railroad Commissioner
    • Supreme Court Justice Places 3, 5, and 9
    • Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Places 2, 5, and 6
    • State Board of Education Member, District 15
    • State Representative, Districts 86 and 87
    • 7th Court of Appeals District Justice Place 4
    • District Judge, 108th Judicial District
    • District Attorney, 47th Judicial District
  • Potter County
    • County Attorney
    • Sheriff
    • County Tax Assessor-Collector
    • County Commissioner, Precincts 1 and 3
    • Constable, Precincts 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Randall County
    • Sheriff
    • County Tax Assessor-Collector
    • County Commissioner, Precincts1 and 3
    • Constable, Precincts 1 and 4
  • City of Amarillo
    • Propositions 1-7
  • Bushland Independent School District
    • Tax Rate Ratification Election

To see who is running for each of these offices, click here.

For more information about voting, visit your county's elections website.

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