Another political season is in full swing. The polls are open. This one is important too. It touches a lot more of us on a local level. Early voting kicked off on Monday so now is the time to make your voice heard.

You have until April 27th to vote early. That is less than a week left so stop by why you have a chance. Otherwise you will have to get out on Election Day which is May 1st. On the ballot is who is going to be Mayor. Who is going to fill the City Council? If you don't get out and vote you have no right to complain.

So where can you early vote? In Potter County:

  • Santa Fe Building: 900 S Polk
  • Casey Carpet One: 3500 I-40 West
  • United Amigos: 3300 East I-40
  • Hillside Christian Church: 600 Tascosa Road
  • Cornerstone Outreach: 111 N Buchanan Street

In Randall County:

  • Randall County Election Administration Office: 1604 5th Avenue (Canyon)
  • Randall County Annex: 4320 S Western
  • Randall County Justice Center: 2309 Russell Long Boulevard (Canyon)
  • Southwest Branch Library: 6801 W 45th Avenue
  • Comanche Trail Church of Christ: 2700 E 34th

So as you can see there are plenty of places to stop by and make your voice heard. Make sure you do get out. Some people love how our city is going right now. Some don't this is the chance to make changes or keep it as it is. Your vote is the only thing that can be done to change it or keep it like it is. So don't waste your opportunity.

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