Thinking back on February of 2021 in East Texas, it brings back nightmarish images of snow and ice along with temperatures that hovered, and even got below, zero. It wasn't fun for any of us warm weather enjoying folks, like myself who is freezing when it drops into the 50's. It's very possible we could see something similar this coming Winter, albeit, not as bad, according to Farmer's Almanac.

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Yeah, being snowed in for that week right before Valentine's Day this year was not fun at all. Many of us didn't have power for a couple of days. I camped out in my bedroom under a couple of blankets for warmth while luckily still being able to work. For the 2021-2022 Winter, the always accurate Farmer's Almanac sees the potential for a similar storm just not as large scale as February's disaster.

Overall, Farmer's Almanac is forecasting normal precipitation with a mix of mild to cold temperatures for Texas. There is the possibility of a winter storm moving in late January but it shouldn't be as bad as we saw in February.

Farmer's Almanac managing editor Sandi Duncan told,

The good news is we don't think it’ll be as bad as last year, but we do want people to be prepared.

I can handle some cold and some snow but that week was awful and I don't want to deal with something like that again. I will say, we've been pretty blessed to have had a mild Summer in East Texas. But Summer isn't finished until mid-October anyway so we've got time to see 100's between now and then.

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