'Teen Mom'-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham has come out with a song. And a music video. And, we kid you not, the tune is called 'Blowin'.'

Of course, Abraham is referring to "blowing all [her] bullies away," but one can't help but think of a slightly vulgar reference considering the amount of publicity her porno received. While we're all up for giving Abraham a fair shot in the pop music spotlight, the song is so heavily auto-tuned that we can't really distinguish her voice. The video is an interesting mashup of party shots, an animated Twitter profile and peaceful scenes of her walking in a field with her daughter, Sophia.

Abraham has already received an incredible amount of backlash for the song's title and her use of her daughter in the video, but based on the song's message, it's not likely she's taking any of these criticisms to heart.

Check out the music video for Farrah Abraham's single, 'Blowin',' above.

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