Farrah Abraham never shy's away from the spotlight.  She has proved that over and over.  She recently had plastic surgery that didn't turn out so well and she shared the pictures.

Every girl dreams of having big full lips.  Ok maybe not all girls but Farrah did.  She researched a new procedure and decided that she wanted to give it a try.  The doctor puts an implant in the patients lip.  The procedure is suppose to allow patients to save money because they won't have to maintain the work with fillers, but that wasn't the case for this Teen Mom.

She has had plastic surgery before, but this time it didn't turn out so well.  She took to Twitter to share pictures of herself and even compared herself to Leela from Futurama.  She then warned all her girlfriends and said that she did get it fixed.  She believes it was a terrible allergic reaction to the anesthesia used.

Check out her tweets below.

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