Oh man hangovers are the worse feeling in the world hands down!  Ugh!  You can barely move, your head is ringing, it hurts to look at light, you feel kinda bowling ballish.  It flat out sucks!  Myself, I've tried home remedies, and I even wrote a blog about cures for the hangover that involved everything from menudo to alka seltzer and pedialyte.  While these things help I've never had a straight up cure for the hangover.  But what if there was a cure?  Something you could take, a pill you could swallow, to completely take the hangover away.  Sounds good right?  Well, maybe the time is now!

The FDA has officially given the green light on a new hangover cure called Blowfish.  It's over the counter and it's specifically designed to fight off the headache, fatigue and upset stomach by combining the powers of aspirin, caffeine and antacid.  Funny that's pretty similar to the Boosty Remedy I blogged in my blog (seriously check for yourself).

Anyways I ain't here to say that Blowfish completely read my blog and ripped off my friends idea, it has a style of it's own with the added caffeine. (ABC news)

When dropped into a glass of water, it fizzes up a lemony brew that packs the hangover-fighting power of two extra-strength aspirins, three espressos and a greasy breakfast.

“It’s the only over-the-counter drug that’s specifically hangover related,” Blowfish creator Brenna Haysom told ABC News. “The [Food and Drug Administration] has specifically said our formula is effective for treating hangover symptoms.”

With FDA approval on the new drug and the fact that most likely everything in it can be found in your house right now, it still packs a warning label.

“Like all drug packaging, it has a lot of warnings for people with certain conditions,” said Haysom, describing the health risks of aspirin – a blood-thinner – for people with bleeding conditions.  “And pregnant women should not take it, but hopefully they don’t need to be taking it!”

Well it wouldn't be the first time I saw a pregnant woman at the bar drinking and smoking.  Anyways I wont be putting all my eggs in the Blowfish basket, I mean really it is shockingly similar to the Boosty Remedy, again not saying they ripped it off, but it's very close.  The alka seltzer & pedialyte combo in it added to the fact that I drink coffee when I'm hungover especially means I already know the results I'll be seeing from this because it's the same thing.  In fact the remedy I blogged is kind of better because it also utilizes pedialyte to re-hydrate your system!

Anyways I'm done pointing fingers.  I can say that Blowfish will help a little (just like the Boosty Remedy) but when it comes to completely taking away the hangover, I don't think so.  You'll feel a little better but it won't wipe it away like cleaning glass.  I just don't want you getting your hopes up to high.  Cheers!