Heather Graham Returning for ‘Hangover Part III’
Looks like someone ordered a stripper-Graham… Heather Graham will return for ‘The Hangover Part III,’ the (hopefully) final film in Todd Phillips‘ ‘Hangover’ trilogy. Graham starred in the first film as a stripper and mother of the baby Zach Galifianakis‘ character lovingly dubbed “Carlos.”
10 Tips for the Common Hangover
Hangovers have long been the price of a night of overindulgence — and come January 1, you may be feeling the effects of one yourself. So how can you make it a little less painful?
FDA Approves Cure For The Hangover
Oh man hangovers are the worse feeling in the world hands down!  Ugh!  You can barely move, your head is ringing, it hurts to look at light, you feel kinda bowling ballish.  It flat out sucks!  Myself, I've tried home remedies, and I even wrote a blog about cures for the hangover that involved everything from menudo to alka seltzer and pedialyte.  While these things help I've never had a straight

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