Remember when you were growing up and on your favorite cartoon you would see a friendly firefighter saving a cat from a tree, or a dog stuck in a drain?  It is so refreshing to see things like that still happen in real life!

According to reports, on Thursday, night crews rushed to abandoned grain bin at North US 87 and Potter Road in Dalhart Texas. After arriving at the seance Fightfighters quickly realized that a dog was in distress. The dog had fallen in an abandon grain bin while chasing a rabbit.

Dalhart, Firefights quickly jumped into action to save the animal.

After a few hours, the technical rescue was successful! The dog and all the Firefights are safe and back home.

I love hearing stories like this! If you know someone who needs a "feel good" story today - tag them or share this post!

Thank you to all the Panhandle first responders for everything you do for this community!

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