Go into any store, restaurant, or really anywhere and notice everybody is on their phones. It has become such a huge problem that we can't even put them down while driving. There are laws against that but people don't care.

Phones have become such a huge problem in schools too. According to Dalhart High School, they are putting an end to phones causing a distraction in the classroom.

This year we will not allow cell phones and earbuds at any time during the school day EXCEPT AT LUNCH.

Phones will need to be turned off and put in bags or backpacks and each teacher will have a place in their classrooms to keep all these bags,purses, or backpacks.

This policy begins on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 — Day 1 of this school year. These notifications before school are considered the warnings.

There is even a letter that goes into much more detail from the school.

credit: Dalhart High School
credit: Dalhart High School

Trust me as a parent I totally get where these phones have taken over the school day. That is not acceptable. Also as a parent, this new policy makes me mad. It's not that I don't agree that phones need to be off. That policy is good.

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I totally get that. I, though, think that my child should be able to have the phone with them. Yes, turned off. We have seen where things, unfortunately, have happened that put our children at risk.

We have, unfortunately, seen school shootings happen. Even when my own kid was in school I would not let her phone be taken away. It is sad to have to think about but if a school shooting happens I wanted to be able to have my child able to reach me.

I would like to be that calming voice to help them. If these phones have to be off and in a designated space that possibly takes away that chance.

The school needs a policy but not one that could affect my child's safety. Enforce that the phones need to be in the off position. Great. Let them keep the phone in their bag at their desk.

Yes, I know the temptation will be there to look at the phone. Make those penalties stiffer. Enforce those punishments. Don't take away my lifeline to my child in this day and age.

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