The internet has brought us many things.  From information at our fingertips, to funny videos, to serious issues.  We've seen Youtube help a father find his missing daughter, we've seen it launch the career of super-stars, and now it might save the life of Janet Liang.

Janet is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and is down to about 2 months of life left, unless she finds a bone marrow donor that's a match to her.

So she's posted this video (above) in hopes to find that perfect match.  The video is incredibly sad and shows how precious life actually is.  How afraid of death most of us actually are.

In the emotional video, Janet is filled with tears and talks about how she's afraid of dying and more then anything, afraid to leave her loved ones behind.

She's looking for a match and Youtube just might help her find it.  This video is now a most shared video from Youtube.

It's amazing how the internet has changed our world.  Watch Janet's tear-filled video and it will definitely make you think about getting checked to see if you could be her match.  I know it's got my mind racing.  I can't imagine being in her shoes.  Let's share this video and lets register and help her!  It's a chance to save a life!  All you have to do is share the video.

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