A Philadelphia firefighter pulled a Superman-worthy stunt when he risked his own life rescuing a woman from a burning building, but his heroics extended far beyond that moment.

When a warehouse fire broke out on Wednesday, Fran Cheney and his team arrived on the scene to put it out. It was Cheney, though, who battled his way to the second floor in order to save Mary Jackson, who was choking from smoke inhalation. Seeing her struggling to breathe, he removed his own face mask and slipped it over her head before rushing her out.

“If I was worried about [dying], I wouldn’t be here, and neither would any of these guys that I work with,” he told Fox News. “That’s what we do. That’s who we are.”

But is it also a firefighter’s job to donate money to fire victims? If saving Jackson’s life wasn’t enough, Cheney also gave $500, the money he made working overtime, to her family so they can “get back on their feet.”

Talk about a stand-up guy, right? It’s just too bad that now he’s under investigation by his bosses. A top fire department official reportedly arrived at Cheney’s hospital bed to scold him for taking such risky steps in ensuring Jackson’s safety. Now a full investigation is underway to determine if the fireman adhered to proper protocol.

But given the chance to do it all over again, Cheney said he would.

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