We have all been cooped up at home for way too long. So it was no surprise how busy Lake Meredith was over this past Memorial Day weekend. The nice weather and the long weekend added to the fact that this was the first big holiday we have had since the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States. Not to mention that we are all looking for spaces outdoors to gather where we can still social distance but be with friends and family. Park officials say that this was the busiest weekend the lake has had in 13 years.

Unfortunately, the extremely busy weekend also meant the risk of an accident on the water would be high. A Borger man, Ascencion Fernandez, drowned on Saturday after he went to rescue his daughter who fell off their boat. He was able to help her, but without a life jacket, he was unable to stay above water and drowned. There was no one around to rescue him in time, and by the time CPR could be administered, it was too late.

His drowning is a freighting reminder of just how quickly a fun weekend on the lake can go south. Lake Meredith has a lot of challenges that make it a body of water that you don't want to be on without a life jacket or PFD. From strong undercurrents, to uneven terrain, strong cross winds, and even vine-like vegetation below the water line. There can also be a lot of boat traffic, which is one more reason a life jacket to keep your head above water, can help you be seen by others.

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