H-E-B created a stir recently with the addition of their latest tote. The tote features a photo of the iconic singer Selena. Shoppers across the state of Texas lined up for an opportunity to purchase these limited edition totes, and they sold out quick! If you want one, they're already on Ebay.

Since we aren't lucky enough to have an H-E-B in Amarillo, I think we need a local grocery store to step up to the plate and give us totes we can be proud of. We need totes that are uniquely Amarillo.

Here are five ideas to get you started:

  • 1

    The Big Ol' Bovine Bag

    It's one of the first things you see when pulling into Amarillo when heading west, so we put it first on the list. We could paste a photo of the cow standing watch over The Big Texan on the side of a massively over-sized tote. If you can't fill it to the brim and carry it out, you have to pay full price for it.

  • 2

    The Cadillac Bag

    This tote will show off your eccentric tastes while letting your freak flag fly. Tourists from the personal hygiene aisle will want to stop and take pictures, while most will be content to just marvel as they walk by. Beware of amateur graffiti artists. Spray paint a photo of Cadillac Ranch on the side.

  • 3

    The Tallest Soon To Be Renamed Bag

    This tote will stand tall above all other totes. It will be envy of all other totes. You can fit so much inside that you'll forget what all is actually in there. Now if we could just settle on a name for it. Slap a photo of the Tower Formerly Known As Chase Tower on the side.

  • 4

    The At Least It's A Dry Heat Bag

    One can not celebrate the culture of a place without acknowledging it's climate. Just go to the edge of town and take a picture of the vast expanses of Texas Panhandle in every direction and put it on the side. This tote will be a little crunchy seeing as how it has forgotten what the word moisture means.

  • 5

    The So Nice When It's Finished Tote

    This tote will be bright orange with reflector strips. You won't ever get done with your shopping, as this bag will always be detouring you to one aisle over as you desperately attempt to get something for dinner. Don't worry though, you can embrace the inner warmth that comes with knowing how nice everything will be once it's finished.

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