'Tis the season to watch binge watch Christmas movies on certain cable networks. You have the King of Christmas movies, Hallmark. Freeform has stepped up their Christmas family movie game, along with Netflix quickly producing more original Christmas movie content.

Don't get me wrong, Christmas is a wonderful holiday. I just can't take all the sappy love stories that aren't really leaving viewers with a positive message. I am probably just looking into these movies deeper than I should, which my Mom hates me for, but I see everything as a learning opportunity.

Let me crush the holiday spirit that still exists in you, with my five reasons Christmas movies make me want to toss my cookies, instead of baking them.

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida

    No One Lives in Castles

    Castles are hard to find these days. In this economy, we can't expect people to make the payments. Get real, ONLY in a tv movie where a prince decides to fall in love with a gorgeous, peasant woman can that happen. Plus Disney already did that.

  • Jupiterimages

    Strangers Fall in Love With EVERYTHING

    Whoa, that isn't cool. Even on Tinder, you need more than ten minutes with a person who happens to look like a cheap Ryan Reynolds. These movies expect the main character to just fall in love with friends, family, and even a dog, just in an hour long movie!

  • Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis
    Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

    Single Parents' Kids Are Cool with New Parents

    The many cable Christmas movies that involve a single parent afraid to start dating usually ends with the child being completely in love with the new parent. This causes a struggle to have the adults get together for the kid, even though they want to say it is love. If you didn't stay for the kid, what makes you think getting together for the kid is going to work, generic love interest?

  • MilanMarkovic

    Everyone Has a Hearing Problem

    Just last night my mother was watching a movie where a beautiful blonde woman was falling in love with a businessman, when all of a sudden he gets a job offer and must take an important phone call. Instead of the woman asking straight up about the situation, she eavesdrops and hears everything wrong! This causes her to leave town early and cry dramatically about the man not loving her more than his job. Girl, money over EVERYTHANG!

    Obviously, the guy explains she heard wrong and they are happily fake married now.

  • fotofrankyat

    Any Consequences for Sleeping with Strangers?

    It might just happen in Netflix movies, but the recent original Netflix movie, 'The Princess Switch' seems to be a weird combination of 'Parent Trap' and Vanessa Hudgens' British accent. After watching the trailer, all I could think about besides her accent was, "Can they sleep with the opposite dudes?" Is there a contact about a hall pass for these type of life switching situations? Does only Santa know these answers? I just think It is totally not cool to have NO consequences for technically cheating situations.

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