Do you have a flashlight app on your phone? Well, you better read this because your phone might be getting hacked!

Your personal information could be in the hands of some cyber criminals who are using it to steal your identity.That's really scary! If you are using an Android phone, there are some flashlight apps out there that could be stealing information off your phone.

If you have an iPhone then this is probably not a problem for you because you already have a flashlight on your phone. Cyber criminals can see a lot of stuff you don't want them to see just from an flashlight app that's downloaded on to your phone.

The minds behind some of these flashlight apps are taking your phone number, your GPS location data, they're even taking over your entire network operating system, meaning if you're doing your banking on another app, they can 'sniff' that and see the banking information that you're sending.

A 9NEWS security expert John Sileo from Colorado said :

"You may think the solution is to delete the apps right away. That's important, but the problem Sileo says is that you're already too late!"

"Yes, by the time you've downloaded it, the damage is done. You are agreeing when you download it, generally in their privacy policy, that yes, you can take a look at this information in exchange for this free app, That you get to take my information. Of course. none of us ever read those lengthy policies and we're giving it away without know it. So it's pretty dishonest," Sileo said.

If you have the flashlight app on your phone, you should delete the app off right way, change your passwords, and monitor your accounts for any strange activity.

For more information check out this video

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