Someone’s blowing the whistle on Flo Rida. The ‘Whistle’ rapper is being sued by a promoter for skipping out on a tour in Canada at the last minute.TMZ reports that Spin Artist Agency had a signed contract with Flo to do a 10-show tour in Canada in summer 2011 … But that Flo never showed at all.

The suit claims that Flo was slated to perform from July 3 to July 12 in the Great White North, but that just one day before the tour’s kickoff, Flo’s team “wrongfully cancelled the tour.” Yikes! Spin Artist Agency is now suing Flo Rida for $200,000 for loss of ticket, concession and alcohol sales.

This snafu is only the latest in Flo’s legal woes. He was recently fined $7,000 for lying to a judge (ruh roh!) in a case in which he’d been accused of underpaying an assistant. The $7K went to the plaintiff’s legal fees; the actual case is still pending.

Sounds like Flo may have taken Rihanna‘s attitude a bit too far!

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