Oh man, aching, sweating, hot, cold, stomach hurts, back hurts, throat is sore, eyes feel like their on fire.  This is what I've been going through the past few days.  Why didn't I get the flu shot!?! 

I'll actually tell you why.  You see, I used to get the shot every year.  And every year, I would get the flu.  It's like the shot wasn't doing a thing for me.  So 3 years ago I decided I would try not getting it.  It was a success!  I didn't get the flu!  3 years running of me not getting the shot and in turn, not getting sick.  Well here we are, year 4, and 2 days after flu shots were issued, I got sick.  I guess you really can't win them all.  It baffles me, do I get the shot next year?  Do I try not getting it again?

I'll pick my poison, you pick yours.  If your interested in getting a shot they are available all over the place like Walgreens & United Supermarket pharmacies.  And there's also a few preventative measures you can take.

You can do things like carrying hand sanitizer and neurotically use it every time you touch a doorknob or shake someone's hand.  You can beef up on vitamin C, that usually seems to help me.  In fact, Emergen-C is the best I've found really helps out in the morning!  I also try to stay away from public places as much as possible.  In fact I think that is where I went wrong, I have a feeling I caught it at the gym.  Anyways not here to play the blame game.  Just trying to help you help yourself.  I think it really just comes down to being a little healthier in your daily activities and really looking for the signs.  If you start taking measures to fight the flu at the first sign you'll get over it much quicker!

Speaking of the flu and the flu shot, do you remember wabblegirl?  Oh man this was a messed up story!

Taking a tragic story and making it absolutely hilarious check out the dub step remix!

Don't start thinking I am heartless, it was learned that this girl was faking it the entire time.  Posers never win.

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