After two shows Gabriel Iglesias left a lot of fans in Amarillo smiling.

Fluffy normally only does one show each town. But after the first show sold out quickly, he decided to add a second show. The first show ran at 6 pm with the second show starting at 10 pm.

Here are some highlights from the 10 pm show.

The show started off with comedian Alfred Robles. He was featured on Comedy Central's Stand Up Revolution. He opened the night with some of his funniest stories. He turned the show over to the next comedian to take the stage.

Up next Rick Gutierrez from San Antonio, TX. Rick has comedy special currently running on Netflix called "I'm Not Mad, I'm Just A Parent" After sharing some stories about raising his family he introduced the star of the show.

Gabriel Iglesias hit the stage and the crowd exploded with excitement. He told some great stories about his son Frankie. Who is now in his 20s. He also talked about how he is a dog lover and has met a lot of fun people during his 20-year career.

Even though the show ended, Fluffy decided to keep going. He kept telling jokes for another 20 mins after the show was supposed to end. By request of the audience, he even told some of his classic jokes from previous stand-ups.

When the show was finished he told the crowd he would be back next year.






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