The LOL Comedy Showcase is coming up this Saturday at the Party Room behind Abuelo's and there's several reasons why you should go check it out!

Carl LaBove is hilarious

If you've never seen nor heard of Carl LaBove, you're in for a pleasant surprise!  He's one of the original bad boys of comedy, working with some of the past greats like Sam Kinison.  His set will bring that pain to your stomach because you laugh so much.  No joke!  I've been checking out his videos on Youtube and every single video is freaking funny!

There's nothing to do in Amarillo

I hear this so often about our city.  "There's nothing to do in Amarillo".  Well there is plenty to do in Amarillo!  If you support live events, they will keep coming!  If you don't support them, why would anyone want to come here?  I promise you, if you support live events, they will continue to come!

It's a cheap ticket

The tickets are only $12 in advanced!  That's really cheap!  You can't even go to a movie and get popcorn and a drink for that much!  Popcorn and a soda alone costs 12 bucks.  So to be able to check out a comedy legend and some other incredibly talented comedians for only $12 is pretty awesome!

That's merely 3 reasons why you should go check out the LOL Comedy Showcase this Saturday.  If you need more reasons, go Youtube Carl LaBove and you'll get about 1,000 more reasons why you should go!

Tickets are available for only $12 at the KISS-FM studios located at 6214 W. 34th Ave.  We're open 9a-5p Mon-Fri!  There's limited tickets and plenty left, but I encourage you to get them before they're all gone!

Get a dose of Carl LaBove at the video below!

***Warning!  This video can be deemed NSFW due to foul freaking language!  It is intended for a "mature" audience only.  I'm not that mature, but I'm of age.  Click at your own risk!***

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