"I asked him today if he was scared," said Kimberly Green. "He said he is just ready to start fighting and will take any amount of pain it takes to just have a chance."

The 'he' is 32-year-old Jose Cisneros, who recently received a diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer. Cisneros is the brother of 37-year-old Kimberly Green.

"I only met him four years ago," said Green. "I just want the opportunity to get to know him more."

Only four years ago? How could this be? With a few questions and two hours of time put aside, Green masterfully paints a family history where blood is indeed thicker than water.

"I first learned I was adopted when I was 7 years old," she begins.

Green's adopted father was a new lawyer when a case of four children involving severe abuse and malnutrition came across his desk. He and his wife, his secretary, read up on the case and decided to meet the children who were in different foster homes at the time.

"They fell in love with us and adopted us on Valentines Day," said Green. "I was 7 months old. My three brothers were almost exactly a year apart."

But as Green grew older, she discovered she had other siblings out there in the world. After a major surgery, her brother came to visit her in the hospital--with three strange men in tow. Those men were her father and two brothers she had never met before.

"I was skeptical about the whole thing," muses Green. "I am about as white as you get and they are Hispanic. Turns out, I look just like my birth father."

According to Green, her birth father had no idea they had been adopted. "He thought my birth mother just ran off with us, he had been looking for us for years."

"My baby brother, Jose, got married and I met him for the first time the day before his wedding," Green deadpans. "Jose messaged me and Frank about two weeks ago and old us of his cancer. We rushed down there to be with him but unfortunately Life calls us back to handle our own stuff."

Green goes on to explain that she set up a Gofundme for her brother, Jose, before returning home. She carefully weighs her words before adding, "I know people are going through it in life right now and I can't blame anyone for not wanting to donate.....but at the same time I feel anger because why does no one see how important this is to me?"

She lets several moments pass, "I have nine siblings and I would really like to keep it that way."

If you would like to help Jose Cisneros in his fight against colon cancer, visit the gofundme link above.

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