It isn't really a surprise when a president leaves office that there are things that will be named after them. Airports, libraries, schools; you name it. Once in a while, what gets named in honor of a former president deviates from the norm.

In the not so distant future, there will be a stretch of highway not far from Amarillo named after former President Trump.

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Recently in the news, reports came out that the Governor of Oklahoma had signed a bill that will name a stretch of Highway 287 after Trump. The source states that the bill was signed last week.

The yet-to-be-named highway will start in Boise City, Oklahoma and go the length of U.S. 287 all the way to the Oklahoma-Texas line. It's an interesting choice.

If you look at a map of that area, there isn't much going on. I had to write Boise City on the map myself to make sure you can find it. The only major marker, other than my search marker, is a Love's Travel Stop.

I don't mean this as a slight against the people living in that area of the Oklahoma panhandle. I grew up in southwestern Oklahoma in a tiny, tiny, rural town. Going to Altus was "going to the big town" for me growing up. I know what "not much going on" looks like.

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Google Maps

Also, I don't know when you last traveled north on U.S. 287 but it isn't the most well maintained highway in the world. I travel that highway a lot thanks to family, and I don't know that I would name it after anyone.

I just think it's a bit of an odd choice to honor someone with. Instead of an airport, or big building, they're naming that stretch of U.S. Highway 287 after a former president. It's like someone saying they got a gift for you and it turns out to be a half-eaten bucket of crispy chicken when you prefer original recipe.

But wait, there's hope: he news reports don't say what the official name of the highway will be, yet. Hopefully they come up with something interesting. Lord knows there isn't much to look at. It would be nice to at least have the conversation piece.

For now, I daydream about the impending convoy of run down Winnebagoes headed north on 287 to the sacred stretch of road where they will gather like a MAGA flea market selling knock off flags, caps, bumper stickers, and commemorative buttons.

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