You may or may not have seen this listing on Craigslist.  Titled "FREE To Good Home", it's Buster the monkey.  From the article, it is said the owner is moving out of state, and can not take her monkey with her.  Continue reading before you call the phone number provided!

The full article on Craigslist reads as follows:

"Hi! I am trying to find Buster a good home! We are moving out of state and unfortunately we cannot keep him! He is very love able, and enjoys kids so so so much! We move next week and the zoo will not take him because of his domesticated state. :( He is potty trained (quite literally, he can use and flush the toilet) he will also fit newborn diapers if you want to take him in public!! I will include 2 boxes of newborn diapers & a tote full of toys (He loves his teddy) he mainly eats fresh fruits so I will also throw in a 75$ gift card to united so that you may get him his favorites, but also enjoys the occasional cookie! I love this little guy so much! If interested call five eight oh seven eight six six three seven three if I don't answer just shoot me a text."

My advice, don't waste your time calling!  I had a chance to catch up wit the supposed owner of Buster, and when I called the phone number, the woman on the other end had something very different to say...

She told me:

"There is no Buster the monkey, I'm sorry.  This is obviously a bad prank.  I've tried to get the ad removed with no success.  My phone has been ringing off the hook all day, but again, I have no monkey.  He's cute, don't get me wrong...I just don't have him.  So please stop calling!"

So there you go, another Craigslist prank!  The woman also added that her daughter has a game this evening, and is trying to conserve her battery on her cell phone to take pictures, but all the calls are making it impossible.  So maybe respect her wishes and stop calling.

There is no monkey, and no need to call...