French Montana believes he could've helped Mac Miller on the night of Pittsburgh rapper's untimely death. In a teaser for BET's Raq Rants released today (Nov. 6), the "No Stylist" rapper opened up about his friendship with Miller, who passed away from an accidental drug overdose, and said that he didn't have the right support system behind him.

"I just feel like they let him get away with whatever, you know, he choose to do," Montana tells the show host. "I feel like I have people that if I do something like that, like how I was to him, like a big brother, more like, 'You bugging out,' he didn't have that around him."

Montana, who considered himself to be a big brother to the Swimming rapper also said that Mac "was doing the same thing every other artist was doing out there." He mentioned an old video of him, Chinx, and Mac doing drugs in the studio, claiming that Mac was "overdoing it" even back then. The Morocco-bred rapper concluded that when "people don't have other people to keep them grounded, it can go left."

"So if I did it that night," French continued. "If I'd been around him a couple more nights I would have made him stop, but he didn't have nobody who was doing that."

In other French news, the Max B affiliate provided preschool supplies to children in Morocco. He also bailed a stranger out of jail after joining a criminal reform organization.

"Today I’m joining the @massbailout - a historic effort to free women and children who are jailed simply because they’re too poor to afford bail," he said in an Instagram post on Oct. 9. "Today I came home to the Bronx and posted bail for someone who should have never been caged in the first place. Thank you to @glblctzn, @rfkhumanrights, @revolveimpact all the grassroots, Black led groups who have been using bail as a tool for liberation for decades. Poverty is not a crime. Pre-trial detention is the real threat to public safety."

BET's Raq Rants airs Tuesday at 11 p.m. EST. Watch the teaser featuring French Montana below.

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